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Social Responsibility

Sustainable Actions

Here are some ongoing sustainable actions at San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN, as part of our continuous commitment to biodiversity and nature conservation:


Reforestation with native trees: We are carrying out reforestation programs that involve planting indigenous species to restore and conserve the natural habitats of the region.


Continuous adaptation of gardens and feeding areas for bird attraction: We are designing and adapting gardens and specific areas to attract local birds, providing them with suitable habitats and food sources.

Reserva Agua

Protection of natural water reserves: We are committed to preserving the natural water reserves within our reserve, ensuring their protection and conservation for the well-being of wildlife and biodiversity.

Inventario Aves

Bird inventory: At San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN, we conduct a comprehensive inventory of bird species present in the San Felipe natural reserve, allowing us to effectively monitor and manage their conservation and protection.

Our Commitment

These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to environmental care and wildlife preservation at San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN. We work tirelessly to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for future generations and the ecosystem as a whole.

At San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN, we are committed to environmental education and the involvement of the local community, especially children. We believe in the importance of fostering love and appreciation for the natural environment in which they live so that they value and protect its wonderful biodiversity.

Activities for Children

At San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN, we work closely with children from the community to offer them enriching and educational experiences that allow them to connect with the surrounding nature. We organize hands-on activities, workshops, and guided excursions where children can explore the forest, observe birds, and learn about the importance of environmental conservation.

Our goal is to inspire in them a sense of belonging and pride in their natural environment so that they do not feel the need to leave their home in search of opportunities in the city. We want them to become guardians of nature, committed to its preservation and the well-being of their community.

Working with the children of the community, we are planting seeds of environmental awareness that we hope will blossom in a future where harmony between humans and nature is a tangible reality. We believe that by valuing and caring for their environment, children can significantly contribute to building a more sustainable and balanced future for all.


“In the vast map of society, inclusion is the beacon that illuminates our path. For those navigating the darkness of blindness, the lifeline is more than just a cord; it’s a bond that connects communities, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and barriers are broken down. On this journey of equality, every step forward is a stride toward a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their visual abilities. Because in the tapestry of humanity, inclusion is the thread that binds our differences and weaves a brighter future for all.”

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