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Our Story

Recognizing the biodiversity and exotic beauty of the property, we acquired San Felipe in 1989. For many years, we enjoyed vacations and family gatherings here. Every evening, we would sit around the fire and appreciate the day’s activities. San Felipe is our home in paradise, and we love and care for it deeply.

Birdwatching is a wonderful activity that our family has decided to share with the world. After dedicating many days of intense work to prepare the infrastructure of our property, we brought San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN to life. Our goal is to become the preferred destination for birdwatchers and photographers, both nationally and internationally, as well as for all those seeking to heal their spirit amidst nature.

At San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN

We invite you to relax in nature, enjoy birdwatching, and connect with this natural sanctuary with an open heart. Our trails lead you to four birdwatching spots where you can be in contact with nature comfortably and safely.

Our specialized guides are ready to accompany you on your journey, providing expert knowledge and maximizing your birdwatching experience. Additionally, in our shop, you will find a variety of items and crafts from the region and Colombia that you can purchase as souvenirs of your visit to our wonderful reserve.

We are committed to offering you an unforgettable and enriching experience that allows you to connect with the beauty and magic of nature. We await you with open arms at San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN!

Our Reserve

Welcome to our Natural Reserve in San Felipe: A spectacular sanctuary of 22 hectares, carefully preserved since 1989, when it was acquired by the Calle family.

Birdwatching at San Felipe


When you book at San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN, you not only embark on a special day observing and photographing a wide diversity of regional birds but also immerse yourself in a magical and relaxing experience amidst a 22-hectare natural reserve, where 13 of them are lush humid forest, and if you wish, you can also enjoy:

San Felipe

The climate in the area ranges between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius on average. Fog and condensation are part of the daily atmosphere, creating a mysterious sensation of humidity that adds charm to your stay.

San Felipe

San Felipe Lodge, Birding & Wellness RN is located at an altitude between 1,950 and 2,000 meters above sea level, situated at Km. 18 on the Vía al Mar, Corregimiento de La Elvira, Municipality of Cali (Colombia).

San Felipe

The area around Km. 18 is known for its high humidity, so it is recommended to wear warm, comfortable, and waterproof or quick-drying clothing. It is essential to have suitable footwear or boots for hiking and walking, as many activities take place on slightly uneven and damp terrain.

Live the Experience

We have four (4) hides that you can enjoy accompanied by an expert guide. Explore our suites, trails, feeding stations, wallows, and hides in the reserve. You will love discovering everything we have to offer!

You’ll Love It!

Discover the Exciting Experiences

San Felipe
Path of Life

Embark on this trail that will take you through the very essence of our reserve. Along the way, you’ll encounter El Torito hide, the mystical Tree of Life, and finally reach El Mirador, the most remote gem of the reserve. From this privileged point, you can gaze upon the majestic mountains surrounding the forest and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the vibrant city of Cali.

El Mirador, the furthest jewel of the reserve. From this privileged point, you can contemplate the majestic mountains surrounding the forest and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the vibrant city of Cali.

San Felipe
Path of the Soul

Immerse yourself in the depths of the forest and discover fascinating species that are rarely seen in open fields. From the elusive ground dove, the Grallaria guatimalensis, the mysterious tinamou, to the charming ground dove, this path offers you unique encounters with the biodiversity that inhabits our reserve.

San Felipe
Tour of the House

It’s a house that gleams with the warmth of nostalgia. It’s a family mansion where children’s laughter resonated joyfully and dreams were woven between its walls. Its architecture is a poem to beauty, with sloping roofs that rise towards the sky as if they wanted to touch the clouds. The walls of this house are more than simple divisions; they seem like sculptural blocks, carefully arranged to embrace every corner with elegance.

Its glass windows, framed in wood, let in the sunlight as if it were an ever-changing Impressionist painting. In the main hall, a majestic fireplace stands tall, offering warmth and comfort on cold, rainy nights.

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Km. 18 Vía al Mar, Corregimiento de La Elvira,  Cali (Colombia)